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Sultana and her staff were excellent. They were able to quickly asses my circumstances and provide me with the advice I needed to decide on a course of action. Working with Sultana was very convenient and we were able to get the outcome I needed. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs legal advice, particularly in the areas of bankruptcy and foreclosure law. – Jon, a Bankruptcy client (2014 from Avvo).


Sultana Law provided outstanding service and responded very quickly to assist me with my short sale. Sultana very thoroughly explained all my options and explored the ramifications of each before we made a decision on how to proceed. I would absolutely recommend Sultana Law. – John, a Short Sale client (2014 from Client Satisfaction Survey)


I want to thank Sultana Law for their expertise, professionalism and handling of my bankruptcy case. There was very little that I had to do on my own behalf because the law firm handled everything. I highly recommend sultana law to anyone that is in need of legal services.
Thank you and in the event that I am in need of legal services in the future I will not hesitate to contact you and your firm. Bobby, a Chapter 7 client (2013 from Yahoo.com)


First I have to say if you are looking for an excellent, honest, ethical, and trustworthy Attorney, look no further than Sultana. She is all that and more.
Last year I was going through a divorce, short sale/possible foreclosure, as well as being laid off and out of work for almost a year. Sultana stayed with me for over 6 months until we got the property sold as a short sale. She got both mortgage companies to first cooperate with her as well as with each other to make it happen. Then she worked with both to reduce the debt. The outcome could not have been better. She then also stopped the foreclosure action that had also been started.
Sultana truly is an outstanding Attorney that always keeps her clients best interests at heart.
I highly recommend Sultana as the Attorney you are looking for! Rick, a Short Sale client (2013 from Yahoo.com)




Well let me start by saying that from the first time meeting with Sultana and her team. I was greeted with open arms from day one.They all made me feel very relaxed by relating to me as a person and not just another client. Words like understanding, caring, supportive, a true sense of care and nothing less is what I received while working with Sultana Law, P.A. I was a homeless veteran going through some hard and what seemed to me to be possible issues to over come. However and with the great supportive team of Sultana Law, I couldn’t of been in better hands to guide me. I HIGHLY recommend Sultana Law P.A. to everyone before going to any other Law firm. Sultana thanks so much for everything you did you me. – Larry, a Chapter 7 client (2013 from Google+)



I was recommended to Ms. Sultana and I see why. Ms. Sultana and her colleagues are very nice and helpful. They make sure that you completely understand everything and do not treat you as if you are inferior. I am grateful for their help as I was in desperate need of an attorney for my bankruptcy I was filing due to a time sensitive lawsuit. The previous lawyer I met with said they would assist me and I never heard from them after the first correspondence. Ms. Sultana treated me like a priority and was very polite as wells as professional. I really enjoyed the location and ambiance, it sure made it feel much nicer than being at a lawyer s office. I will definitely keep her number for any future financial representation. I recommend them to anyone who is in need. – Rebecca, a Chapter 7 client (2013 review from MerchantCircle.com)


In late 2012, I was in the process of trying to negotiate a short sale of my property in the state of Florida. It was recommended that I seek legal advice to ensure that everything was being handled appropriately. An associate of mine referred me to Sultana Law office. I called in and was able to schedule a free consultation. During the consultation, I explained to Sultana what had already been done, what was submitted to the bank and where I was a date in the short sale process. After I explained the status, Sultana says “You do not need me or any attorney to represent you at this time”. She indicated that I could say that I can help you and take over the process but that would be doing you a disservice as you would be paying for assistance that you do not need and I am not in the business to do that. I am in the business to help people and not make money and you are not in need of my assistance at this time. She continued to say that I had done all the proper due diligence that was required and provided me with advise on what to look for and spent time with me answering additional questions I had about the process. After my consultation I was confident in what I had done and felt even more equipped that I would be able to complete the transaction and get the end result, deficiency waiver, that I was trying to achieve. Over the next few months, I kept Sultana up-to-date with where I was in the process via email. In one instance she even took the time to review a document that I thought looked correct but there were a lot of legal terms and I was concerned that I might be misunderstanding what was written and didn’t want to be financially hurt as a result of my misunderstanding. Sultana took the time to read the document and reassured me that my understanding was correct and the document was appropriate. She did this even thought I was not an official client. All I can say if you are looking for a knowledgeable, trustworthy real-estate attorney let Sultana Law Office represent you. You will not be disappointed. – Marilyn, a Real Estate client (2012 review from Yahoo.com)



Sultana is very knowledgeable,trustworthy,and dependable. Sultana quickly responded to all of my concerns and was truly eager to assist me in any way she could.To show how a professional she is, Saturday 4/23/2011 was her wedding day. And on Monday 4/25/2011 at 12:30pm was the Mediation. Sultana arrived way before to go over all of my concerns before we went in. Everything went well at the Mediation the bank agreed to continue with the short sale process. Now my house is sale pending waiting on closing date.Thank you Sultana for the excellent service you provided and I highly recommend anyone to seek her services. You will not be disappointed. – Juan, a Mediation Client (2011 review from Avvo.com)



I was named as defendant in a lawsuit under a business that I was no long a member of and was in need of legal representation.
After a lengthy conversation with Sultana I felt confident she would be able to competently represent my position in the matter and retained her services.
Sultana law filed all paperwork and handled all representaion of the matter for me and kept me informed as to all action being taken and the results.
I am very pleased to make light of the excellent performance that Sultana law provided me in the quick resolve and with an outcome that was hoped for.
I highly recommend the services of Sultana law to anyone who finds themselves in a situation that will require legal counsel. – Daniel, a Corporate client (2011 review from Avvo.com)



Sultana of Sultana Law was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is she the model of utmost professionalism but she is very trustworthy and dependable. Sultana quickly responds to all of my concerns and was truly eager to assist in any way she could, which is quite refreshing. If you’re seeking a highly knowledgeable and reliable lawyer, Sultana Law is more certainly the route to go. – Jaclyn, a Business client (2011 review from Avvo.com)



My expeprience with The Sulatana Law Firm was excellent. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. I filed for Bankruptcy. A normally difficult thing to do but Sultana and Mario Ruiz made the entire process very simple and smooth. Thank you Sultana and Mario for the excellent service you provided and I highly recommend anyone to seek their services. You will not be disappointed. – Jose, a Chapter 7 Client (2011 review from Avvo.com)