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Win a “Be A Little Shellfish” Massage

We both know that you deserve a massage.  So why not enter into the Sultana Law Facebook Fan Page Contest & get a great massage for FREE! Hot Lava Shell Massage Here is how it works... (1) Like the Sultana Law Fan Page on Facebook and share it with your friends on your profile, Twitter page, or other social networks. Like Sultana Law's Fan Page here. (2) Your friends must like the Sultana Law Fan Page and leave a comment on the wall that includes your name so you can get credit.   Example Post: “@John Smith sent me to this page” (3) Keep encouraging your friends to like the Sultana Law Fan Page to help you get the most likes before the deadline, Friday, October 14, 2011, at midnight. The results will be recorded daily and posted periodically so you can see who is in the lead. The final results will be posted

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Hooray….Sultana Law, P.A. Turns One Today!

  Sultana Law, P.A. Office It is hard to believe, but today marks exactly one year that Sultana Law, P.A. officially opened its doors as Orlando’s newest law firm. It really all began on the day I found office space.  I felt right away that the quaint little office on Hillcrest Street - that came complete with a porch, rocking chairs and four office cats -  would be the perfect place to hang up my own shingle.  After that was secured, everything else seemed to fall into place – like it was meant to be. As the daughter of a serial entrepreneur & having a background in start-up consulting, I knew all too well the dangers of starting a new venture without a well thought-out plan.  Yet when faced with the decision of whether to continue with the same-old or make a bold new move there seemed only one

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Freezing Foreclosures – How Does It Affect You?

If you’ve read about the halting of foreclosures by some major lenders, you may have questions about what these actions could mean for consumers, including those considering bankruptcy. Evidence continues to show that some lenders mishandled documents by signing them off without proper review, a process now dubbed as “robo-signing”. These mistakes not only broke the law, but led to massive amounts of foreclosures. You may be wondering what the foreclosure halting means to a homeowner who lost a home to foreclosure. Original homeowners will likely be compensated with monetary damages as opposed to being able to re-take the house, as this is much easier process for the courts to oversee. In the rare instance that a foreclosure victim wants and can get the house back after a new buyer has already moved in, the new buyer will likely be compensated by title insurance. But if the

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