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Bankruptcy petition

ARE YOU LOOKING for relief from overwhelming debt? Are you tired of being harassed by creditors, lawsuits or garnishment of your wages? Are you behind on your mortgage and afraid to lose your home in foreclosure?  Do you know that if you just had a fresh financial start, you could reboot your life?

If so, you are not alone!

WHATEVER YOU DO, do not let fear, anxiety, or embarrassment keep you from seeking the help you need. Do not get caught up in common myths about bankruptcy.

MYTH #1: Everyone will know I filed for bankruptcy.
MYTH #2: I will lose everything I own.
MYTH #3: If I file bankruptcy, my spouse/partner will have to file, too.
MYTH #4: Creditors will continue to harass me even after the bankruptcy.
MYTH #5: I will not have credit for 10 years.
MYTH #6: I will never be able to rebuild my credit.
MYTH #7: I will lose my house, I will lose my car.
MYTH #8: I won’t have any place to live and won’t be able to get to work.
MYTH #9: I may never be able to buy another house or car.
MYTH #10: No one will ever lend me money, again.

These and other common beliefs about bankruptcy simply are NOT TRUE!

What is true is that filing bankruptcy can give you a fresh financial start, and it can do it sooner than you think. Collection efforts stop as soon as you file, and any creditor who continues to try to contact you after you have filed for bankruptcy will be in violation of a federal court order. You may be forgiven most, if not all, of your unsecured debt. Your homestead is protected under Florida law, as long as you can continue to pay your mortgage. If you can’t afford your mortgage under the current terms, you may be able to modify your mortgage through the bankruptcy courts.

You Are Not Alone!

Last year, more than a million people filed bankruptcy, and Florida’s bankruptcy courts have been some of the busiest in the nation. These are not fiscally irresponsible people filling up bankruptcy courts. These are hard working folks, business owners and real estate investors just like you. They may have lost their jobs when their company closed down and haven’t been able to find work since because the job market is so tight. They may be buried under seemingly insurmountable debt due to illness, divorce or some other family hardship. They may have invested in real estate or businesses that tanked because of the flagging U.S. economy. Regardless of the reason for your financial distress, the laws are designed to help, not punish people in this country for falling on hard times.

In Florida, if you file bankruptcy, you may even be able to keep your home and your retirement account. You may be able to get the fresh start you need to get your life back on track and begin taking care of your family, again.

We Are Here to Help!

At Sultana Law, we understand the emotional toll a bankruptcy may take on you and your family. Our experienced team of professionals is here for you every step of the way, to guide you through the process, and provide clarity, sound legal advice and advocacy in the courts. Unlike other law firms, we do not hire “cover” attorneys for out-of-office meetings. Attorney Sultana Haque personally attends every hearing, mediation, or courtroom appearance with you. As a client of Sultana Law, you will never be passed off to a caseworker.

If you are struggling to meet your financial obligations due to job loss, divorce, family illness, real estate or business investments gone bad or any other unfortunate set of circumstances, stop blaming yourself and start focusing on solutions. Let us help you! It costs you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to meet with Sultana Law to discuss your options.

To schedule your FREE initial bankruptcy consultation, call Sultana Law today at (407) 545-2099.